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DISC 2020 || JBIET || TEAM CLIQUE || INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCEAbout Conference / whats going on there, come and learn. NCRIETS- 2019, being a two day academic.

Sh. L. D. Singhal. Patron. Chairman JBIT, Dehradun .

Current Events. 09 January 20. International Conference on Devices, Intelligent Systems & Communications (DISC).

JBIT Academic Portal.

Top [email protected] Dehradun.

(4):National Conference- NCRIETS-2018 Organised on April 06-07,2018.

9 Jan 2019.

Prof D.K.Nauriyal (Vice-Chancellor, Kumaun University) Keynote Speaker. Conference held at JBIT DEHRADUN. For more information Visit us.

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