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You’ll know blockchain adoption is en route when oracles themselves become disruptive businesses. Chainlink and Kadena have.

Bitcoin ETF Everything ExplainedBitcoin has long been the marquee name — shorthand, if you will — for the cryptocurrency space. Price swings can tell a lot.

Der Bitcoin-ETF sollte den Börsenticker „COIN“ tragen. Die Entscheidung der US-Börsenaufsichtsbehörde war jedoch negativ, sodass der Bitcoin-ETF nicht zugelassen wurde. Seit 10. Juli 2017 können Bitcoins, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Ripple und Bitcoin Cash in jeder.

Given all the risks associated with cryptocurrencies, you might think some sort of exchange-traded product could be launched with SEC oversight, but as of April 2018, the SEC has rejected dozens of Bitcoin ETF filings and cryptocurrency mutual funds. The SEC has repeatedly voiced concerns about the safety of trading ETFs that are linked to potentially illiquid assets such as cryptocurrencies.

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Institutions continue to show interest in Bitcoin and digital assets amid the third Bitcoin halving, data shows.

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