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From the high street to haute couture, the fashion industry is in jeopardy. Lisa Armstrong reports on how it can rescue.

Top Ranking Women's Brands May 2020. The index is generated by analyzing all the shopping behaviors from over 6M monthly online visits on LVR and taking .

Prostitutes are to be allowed to resume working but judo and ballroom dancing competitions remain banned under new.

If you love vintage shopping, you’ve probably noticed there isn’t always an easy, accessible way to find secondhand clothes.

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For its May edition, DFNI heard from Ersan Arcan about ATÜ Duty Free’s collaboration with Istanbul Airport, through which the.

Follow BR Lifestyle on Facebook, Twitter and InstagramGucci and Saint Laurent are two of the highest profile luxury fashion.

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The coronavirus lockdown, which has hit luxury fashion houses on their bottom lines, has also given pause to rethink the pace.

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